Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Comment on commenters

Just browsing my facebook, and i found a video(direct to video. Not to my friend who tag this) uploaded tagged regarding a woman has been shot by police at highway. I dunno when this incident happen. Just my opinion on this;

1. A few people commented that police is not reliable, not good, trigger happy, and blah3.. I think better we stop this type of commented. There must be a reason why their car has been shot. We never know. There's too many possibility on why the incident happen. Maybe this, maybe that, but in the end, it could be rumors.

2. Another statement that i don't regarding this issue is; "polis tembak membabi buta". Please stop comment like this. Are you there when the incident happened? Yes the lady has stated it happen like this and that. But, where is the statement from the police? Seems unfair if we jump to conclusion just from the press statement.

3. lastly; please stop saying that u r always the one with good knowledge. Never said that other people opinion is not good as u r. your word looks like a bit harsh esp when you are talking about older people. Refer below commented on this;

comment from fb:
"hahahaha.should show to old intelligent ppl also.esp for those who +++++++++."
"all the tokwan2,toknek,makcik2,pakcik who fully control by them.they really they choose un-know.they just watch +++++.but we watch ++++,++++++.we read ++++,++++,++++,++++.we need a politic.but nowadays politician make us need them."
(looks a bit political so i certain part. I'm still not ready to become a political blog :P)

Taken interested in this matter, i browse Google on the issue. I bumped into an old page regarding on the 15yr old kid that have been shot death at the beginning of the year. I'm not commenting on the case but ;

1. Commented by reader;"kasihan arwah","x patut polis tembak sesuka hati" etc... Just because this case has been raised by the family doesn't mean that we can accuse the police. They always said that they were pitying the boy family but is there any awareness on the police and his family feeling? It feels good to accused people right?

2. Another thing that i really don't like is when some people saying that this incident didn't happen to our family or else. Come on la dude. Is that kid ur son? then how come you could said out loud bout that. His family already raised the issue and the police has already been charge with this incident. So just let be a good outsider, stop commenting on everything and let the court decide k.

All above is only an opinion. I really don't like when we fellow Malaysian fighting over some issues that nobody can be sure. Peace.

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