Sunday, July 18, 2010

At last, a comeback!

hmm.. kinda long time since the last time i post in the blog. Kinda free now. Maybe it's a good time to restart my little literature session. haha

Random pictures that i pick for the past few months;

Some Turkish restaurant at Kassel

At a courtyard of a castle in Kassel

Somewhere at Frankfurt

Nasarudin's wedding

Trip to Nasa's wed with friends

EPCC Of Tanjung Langsat CityGate; Proud face of an engineer after project commission. hehe..

Hapis's Wed

My youngest niece; Good kid shouldn't shouting too loud at night.. haha

Some random picture i pick up when i'm enjoying the sunset..

Seriously, with my frequent outstation, i'm thinking about DSLR.. haha

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