Saturday, November 14, 2009

Completed and ready to be gone

This is the 5th and the last night i'll be staying in Bintulu. Just completed the installation of the flow computer. The hand over session also end without so much problem except 1 of the senior operator (Bintulu Power Station) has asked me regarding of which process data he should take from the flow computer. I really dunno bout that and can't answer him so that i just tell him that i'll give em the info when i arrive back to West Malaysia.

The latest flow computer that i have installed.

Work completed. It's time to take my own pic. haha

After hand over meeting with Mr Benjamin Toh (Bintulu Power Station's Electrical Engineer), we go around the Bintulu town for sight seeing. This time, i realize that there are a lot of things about this town that i seem not to realize the existences such as the old airport, the riverside etc. Maybe because we are relieve from the work so that we can catch up the minor things here. haha..

Stop by the Park City Water Front. Just wanna see the Muara Sungai there. Seems like this is 1 of the spot where the local people like to hang out. Sunset here is quite early. Around 6.15 is already dark just like 7.30pm in Peninsular.

Just by the riverside..

Seriously, i dont even see the sun setting down. Covered by the cloud far to the west sea.

Just in case if you dont know, Malaysian usually call this thing a "boat".

After the moon take over the sky,i came back to my hostel there. Imperial Suite. RM399 per day flat rate, you got 3 room, 2 bathroom, fully furnish and a stupid wifi connection. haha

The Receptionist Counter. The workers is not at the desk but we can contact them directly via their internal telephone.

Quite a big suites

Electrical appliance was supplied by the Imperial suites.


The Veranda where i could see the entire Bintulu town

I thought that i'll go again exploring the town tomorrow morning. Just wanna see the city in morning light. =D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Entitle to room office

I always thought that my workstation in the office is not ergonomic, small, a bit confined, make me feel sleepy, and 1000 other things that we always said about our office. Got a temporary workstation for my job in Bintulu. It is lil differed from my office at Subang.


yeah! a room for myself. Am i being promoted as a manager? my temporary workstation has such a big room with fully furniture in it. SUPER DUPER high speed internet, complete with phone, a set of LG plasma TV so that i can ease my work tension. People also have to knock on my door before meeting with me.

I could not elaborate more on my temporary workstation with words. The picture below shall show you all how magnificent my new room.

Big Office Room with cabinet in front, grand size of office desk, lotsa room for meet up with other co-worker etc;

My own internet server for the high speed internet.

Got new high spec computer. not 1, but 2 set of the computer

Fully furnished office room

What we can conclude from the pic above is we should love our very own office right? haha

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At a place where i can buy awkward brand of cigarettes

On the very day that my mom going to Mekah for her haj ibadat, i'm being sent away by my company to outstation for installing 2 set of Fow Computer. Boarding the flight at 1.40pm yesterday, i started to sleep after around 30minutes coz it seems that i can do nothing except ushaing the flight attendance. Haha.. Woke up around 40minutes after we are at the Kuching air, i thought that the sungai rejang is underneath our plane. Very big. Can only see 1 shore only. Only after a while that i realize that we are flying on the sarawak shore thus that make feel like a fool when i thought that the sungai rejang is veeeeeeeeery big. Haha..

Arrived at the bintulu airport around 4pm, my senior engineer going to the air asia office with 1 of the sexy flight attendance. Not doing some extra project but to complaint about his bag that has been breach by certain person. Started snapping at the airport to ease my boredom in waiting for the complaint to be settle.

Bintulu Air Port. Not so many soul around here.

On the outside of the airport. See the gurl on the left? Maybe she is a rockstar. Bringing her guitar all the way from KL to here. Too bad i didnt request for her autograph.

Somewhere around the town. Make our stop to buy some PPE and hardware.

Farley. Some shopping complex maybe. We stop here just to fill in the gas.

After buying some hardware, we go to our settling place name Imperial Hotel/apartment? Quit a nice suite here they got.

I remember reading the KOMSAS book named; the village by the sea.

Night is coming so soon at this place. If not, i may have already jump to the sea. Haha

Good room, good service, and good view. But they don't have decent wifi here. Wireless connection is poor and the speed may loose to a tortoise. Haha.. I complainted about it but they only can promise me that they'll send IT person on the next day. By the time i'm writing this post, the Legendary "IT Person" still not coming to aid my laptop. Huhu..

Chased out by the boredom, i drove around this very very quite town last night. There are a lot of people hanging around here on the night. Just like Bukit Bintang??. Yeah right. You could already assume bout the town when i told ya bout the airport right?

Some shopping complexe that i ran to. Small town but have 4-5 big shopping complexes. Ever wonder how they sales?

A clock tower in the middle of a ghost town (Minta maaf ye orang bintulu. Prinsip aku adalah "berkatalah benar walaupun pahit"). Haha

Gone into the Bintulu power station to install the the Flow Computer. Meet up with the higher up there when i stumble across Bonnyface Bin Linjong. Seems like he is working wit SESCO right now. Back to work, both of the flow computer has been RUN successfully even thought there are a lotsa hickup after powering up the flow computer. Tomorrow i'll only need to settle the fault alarm that always occur on the flow computer.

Night time. Still dunno what to do. Planned to hang out with boney. Hope that he'll show some exciting things here. Ciaos!