Friday, September 11, 2015

Things that we've seen in 5 years

Last post.The last time i wrote in my blog was at 2010. At that time i was kinda bz with my works, outstation here and there, etc etc. So.. was thinking i should pause my literature work in this blog for few days or a months. Suddenly, 5 years has gone.

5 Years. In 5 years, lots of things had happened. A lot of things that i think would be a good thing to post here. yeah, i think i have kinda interesting life. I hope so. Few Jobs i've done, few hobbies that i do depends on my current situation and availability, Really an eye opening for me to see the world.

How i see the world now. I think, how we see the world is different depends on our age, our work, our economy and our environment. This 5 years i've change my work place for 3 times. Done almost 5 different project for the 3 companies. Yeah, i met people. A lot of people. Different attitude, different style. Some like to fool around, some like to buy authentic things, some like sports, some of them like travelling. Me? i think i enjoy all of it. Each people interest do interested me.

My Interest. I think i can divide it to few parts. Hobby, Work, Life, People, etc. I'll write about it. From my point of view. Things that i share will be post here and things i can't will be kept just inside my mind. After all, not all the things we discover can be wrote down for everyone to read right?

How will i write my post nowadays. I think, i may stick to the "Pictorial Post" that i have mention before. I'll still post things that i think its cool for me as before and things that irritated me also will be include. After all, this blog is kinda like a journal for my life journey right?

Picure. To commemorate my comeback in blog writing, a bit of picture as follow:


Hehe.. Its My First Big Bike.. ok lah..


Into Cycling... Those were the days

Boys and hobbies - How i need to manage my time

The Team at Pasir Gudang.. 
8 Months here.. 
Look so majestic

My First time Onboard.. The year Pahang
win Piala Malaysia after 21 years of waiting

Things that happen in 2013. We'll never forget

am not an engineer anymore..

I'll believe i'll continue my writing and i will. Still thinking on how i should wrote down my current event and the things i wanna highlight in this 5 years i have halt my writings.. 

last but not least

Wrote all this in my humble room at Fratini's Inn, Labuan
September 2015

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