Monday, January 18, 2010

Outstation Marathon

This is my first outstation for 2010 or should i say "outstation marathon"? I'm thinking that putting the marathon word because this is my 2nd outstation after the 1st.

I have been in johor, pasir gudang area for my 1st outstation session. Start travelling on last thursday. This session is for our project at tanjung langsat. We were staying at the Tanjung Puteri Golf Resort. Quite a good place there. In fact, if it was my own trip, i would not stay at the resort due to very expensive price. But engineers are supported by their company right?

Starting with the JSA Review for the whole friday. Seriously, quite a boring session with some of our client personnel request super over spec for this project. We end up the JSA review at 430pm. Young engineers like me continue with playing at all the sports facilites at the resort such as Table Tennis, Squash, Tennis, and last but not least, the Swimming pool.

Night time; we start our program with dinner. and after that it is continue by bowling session. My company project team VS the client project team. As expected, KQKS all star is the winner for the bowling session that night.

Saturday; Breakfast and Telematch. The telematch program is held to ensure the teamwork between our company and the client is good. Team work right? It's better if our client become more easy to approve all our documents after this but of course, it can only happen in ur dream. haha.. Ballon, Tarik Tali, speedboat racing and few others thing are held in the Telematch session.

The program is ended at 12 noon. We gone back to office after attending our lunch session with the client. I only arrived at the office around 5pm.

Working OT on saturday; Overtime but not paid. That's my commitment to the company. HUH!. I can only get back to home around 9pm that night.

Sunday; I hope that everyday is sunday. Can wake up late in the morning, relaxing at the house, go out with friends etc. But i can't do any of the item before before. Wake up early in the morning, packing up my bag for another outstation.

This is my 2nd time outstation to Bintulu, Sarawak. Not excited much as before. Our flight is on 1.40pm in the noon and arrive to Bintulu around 4pm. Currently we are staying at the Li Hua Hotel. Kinda good place for the cheap price. Only RM126 per night. 1 thing that i like in this hotel is the high speed WIFI connection. For sure i'm not writing this stuff if the connection is super slow right?

Got Meeting tomorrow for our project here. I expect that we shall be "tiaw" by client due to the delay in our project progress. haha..

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